Rewards Program

Who doesn't like to be rewarded? We absolutely love rewards, but we love rewarding others even more! That's why we created our Rewards Program with you in mind! 


How Does it Work? 

In our Rewards Program, you earn points when you:

-Create an Account: 100 Points

-Celebrate a Birthday: 300 Points

-Purchase on Our Website: 100 Points 

-Follow and Share Our Posts via Facebook: 50 Points, and

-Share us on Pinterest: 50 Points.

-And on your Anniversary with us: 150 points!!!

These Reward Points are redeemable at checkout for exclusive products, only found via Innovate Green!


For every 100 Points, $1 is earned. 


How to Sign Up?

Now I'm sure you're wondering, "where do I sign up?" We are glad you asked! Click the pink bubble at the bottom of your screen to join our Rewards Program, and create an account. Then you will be on your way to earning rewards towards your next purchase!