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  • Oils To Cook With This Thanksgiving

    “I’ve got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, turkey, name it”! 

    It’s about to go down! We are 6 days away from Thanksgiving Day, and that much closer to tasting some of our Thanksgiving Dinner favorites! 

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  • Spotting Signs of Depression

    Depression is infamous for producing a lack of interest or emotion towards something or someone that used to incite feelings of excitement and enjoyment.

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  • 8 Signs You Might Be Iron Deficient

    Me shouting underneath 10 blankets and a comforter: “Babe can we please turn the heat up?” 

    Him: “The thermostat is already on 85F...” 

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  • A Sensitive Topic: Surviving Sensitive Skin

    “If at first, you don’t succeed, [wipe it all off, let it air out] and try again.” Or something like that. 

    Is it unusual that women are more likely to suffer from sensitive skin than men?... Not really huh. 

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  • Maturing Gracefully

    Top concerns among our seasoned audience pertain to mature skin and ways to restore skin post-menopause.

    Since we aren't getting any younger, this would be an interesting topic for women of all ages.

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  • Reinventing Combination Skin

    “Shake’em Up. Shake’em Up. Shake’em Up. Shake’em!” 

    Combination skin is considered one of the most complex skin types, though I consider it as being the best of both worlds. 

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  • The Low Down On Dry Skin

    Dry skin…“Hated It!”

    Regardless of how much lotion you put on, it never seems to do the job. And forget oiling up. The only moisturizers that seem to work are Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Petroleum Jelly...

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  • Two Truths and A Lie About Oily Skin

    Tired of dealing with oily, acne-prone skin?

    We're going to discuss ways to properly treat and nourish your skin, and dispel some untruths along the way.

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