6 Ways To Bring In the New Year

6 Ways to bring in the new year blog.


“Alright, already the show goes on all night. ‘Til the morning we dream so long...”

What a year! There were killer Hornets; giant flying spiders;  Quarantine DJ's and dope Verzuz battles. Every day was pajama day at the office/living room. Zoom and TikTok took the world by storm. Estranged castmates and artists were reunited. Beyonce continued providing healing and empowerment through music. Everyone converted to a vegan lifestyle. 

All in all, we survived this year's up and downs. Now it's time to prep for bigger and better in 2021!

Today, we're giving you 6 safe ways to welcome in 2021. 

1. Journal Your ResolutionsChoose from our selection of daily journals.

Journaling provides in-depth answers for personal development. Through it comes revelation about our truest self, personalized health goals, and plans for business and personal growth. If you're looking for the best daily journals for 2021, be sure to snag one here.


2. Redesign, Reinvent, Renew 

As we've learned in 2020, you never know when you might face the very tasks Choose from our natural home decor items. you've been putting off for years. It could be repainting, decluttering, or redesigning your home.   

I, too, am guilty of it. My husband and I took on the task of painting the upper level of our home. Two years later and we've yet to finish the 2nd coat. I’ll be the first to tell you that seeing those unfinished walls, every day, for the first couple of months of quarantine will drive anyone to face the hand cramps. 

Though, for you, change might mean something less extreme. Even the slightest change (adding an indoor plant, new home care and decor items, or wall art) can make the biggest impact.

3. Give Your Social Life a Facelift

Experiment with hobbies and organizations in alignment with your interests. Detox your inner and outer circle(s) of those who might be a hindrance to you. This is not to be translated as acquiring more “Yes Men/Women”, but rather enhancing your accountability circle. 

If you don’t have a mentor or a group of individuals with similar ambitions who help make you better and vice versa, then it is time to expand your network. 

Adopt hobbies that improve your mental wellness. Don’t go into the New Year with the same problems or baggage from 2020. 

4. Set The Mood with AromatherapyHere is an image of our specialty candles.

Olfaction is linked to enhanced positivity and sweet memories. Warm, calming  scents not only boost your energy, they  also soothe your mind and help wind you down after a long, stressful day. 

Introducing your space to scented candles and fragrant essential oils are important for overall wellness.

6. Give Your Skin a Makeover

Before you book those New Year photoshoots, detox your skin from this year's Shown are items from our skin care collection. impurities.

Pour into your skin what you want out of it. If you want a healthy, ageless glow, and a balanced complexion, give your skin a personalized skincare regimen. You will find the best products in our skincare collection.

If you have questions about what to use, be sure to check out our blogs on the 5 major skin conditions and the best treatment methods.

Ultimately, the goal for 2021 is to do the opposite of what was done going into 2020. Make sure you eat a plate of beans, something green, and some cornbread for good luck. Don’t wash or sweep in the New Year, you could be cleaning someone out of your life permanently.

On a more serious note, I pray that you will have the most epic celebration of the New Year in the safest way possible. May 2021 bring you much mental clarity, peace, prosperity, and happiness! 

If you loved this week’s blog and you learned something new, leave me a comment below! Also, don’t forget to share this with others! If you have any questions that weren’t covered, leave them in a comment below or shoot me an email at checkthisout@innovategreenllc.com!

Love Always, 



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