Our Mission and Meet the Founder

Our Mission

Our mission at Innovate Green is to inspire a culture of sustainability, self-enlightenment, and holistic wellness. We envision a future thriving with green products and a flourishing ecosystem.

Meet the Founder

Founder & CEO

Lisa Carter

For 3 years, I suffered from excruciating abdominal pains, unsure of the catalyst and a viable resolution. Through my discomfort birthed one of my greatest decisions - embarking on my vegan journey. My mission, then, was to change my eating habits momentarily and embrace whatever came next; unaware my lifestyle change would result in enhanced mental clarity, a newfound zeal for life, and impact the lives of many friends and loved ones. Having matured along the way, my mission, as you would imagine, has evolved. These days, my passion rests in reducing my carbon footprint, becoming more sustainable, and planting back into Earth what it has graciously given to me - a clean bill of health. Along my quest for sustainability, I have gained heightened self-awareness and an inseparable connection to Earth. Innovate Green is a direct result of that awareness and my way of giving back to the planet. Take this journey with me to reverse the clock and nurture our planet back to health.