5 Wellness Tips to Get You Amped in the Mornings

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What is it about Daylight Savings that brings out the worst in us?

Each year, as we approach the change, I always have the most nerve-wracking dream that I am back in high school. At the sound of my alarm, I wake up in a disorientated frenzy thinking I’ve overslept and I am running late for “1st period”. After a quick scan of the room, the deafening snores from my husband, and a few brief moments to process everything, I realize “it was all a dream”. Read on, if you also battle with sleep inertia and loopiness in the morning!

Sleep inertia is the grogginess and reluctance that slaps you in the face most Monday mornings, resulting from your weekend agenda and late-night binge sessions. The outcome is several “Snooze” taps, immediately followed by the realization that you’ve overslept, ninja hopping out the bed, then doing the “one shoe on, one shoe off” shuffle out the door. 

Abrupt changes to your sleep pattern will disturb your circadian rhythm - the internal clock that wakes us at sunrise and knocks us out at dusk, and may result in permanent damage to your sleeping schedule. This schedule, in perfect harmony, is a balance of melatonin and cortisol produced by the brain when the sunsets and sunrises.

Studies show, the effects of daylight savings time, though beneficial for a more eco-friendly environment, lead to weight gain, emotional imbalance, an increase in auto accidents, and an average of 40 minutes of lost sleep. Insufficient hydration, inconsistent sleep schedules, and alcohol consumption also trigger sleep inertia and negatively impact your circadian rhythm.

With daylight savings time right around the corner, these next 5 tips will be your saving grace. 

Take Your Lions Mane

This shaggy white mushroom reduces impairment to the cognitive system and alleviates depression, stress, and anxiety; which are our body's initial response to the sudden "DST" change. 


Get in at least 15-30 minutes of hardcore exertion at least 2 hours before your bedtime, this prevents cortisol production at bedtime and fosters enhanced sleep quality.

Drink Your Moringa

At the start of your morning, have a breakfast smoothie chocked full of dark leafy greens, Moringa Powder, a banana (rich in Magnesium), and 1-2 servings of your favorite fruits for an energy boost and mood balancer to carry you through the morning.

Gradually Alter Your Sleep Schedule

For more consistent and less painstaking results leading up to "DST", try waking 15-20 minutes earlier until you arrive at your goal.

Lather Up In Magnesium

Magnesium possesses traits that nurture the natural sleep cycle, improve your metabolism, and lower stress levels. For prime results, the average person should aim for 300 to 400 mg of Magnesium per day through normal  consumption and by applying our Magnesium Body Butter.

Over time, if unaddressed, disturbances to your circadian rhythm may prompt memory loss, weight gain, frequent headaches, and emotional imbalance, leading up to heart disease.

If you learned something new, or if you have any questions that weren’t covered, leave them in a comment below or shoot me an email at checkthisout@innovategreenllc.com!

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